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Do you know why the Marlboro cigarette does not have a shelf life?

Whether it is in China, or in the United States, all of the Marlboro marlboro gold touch cigarettes are not labeled shelf life, you know why? I think a lot of people have not thought about this problem, but also very few people care about the issue of the shelf life of cigarettes. But everything has its shelf life, cigarettes are no exception, and now we have to look at why there is no label on the shelf life of Marlboro gold cigarettes?

First of all, now all the countries have no clear requirements for cheap Marlboro cigarettes products must be labeled shelf life. But in fact, China’s cigarette in some aspects of a production date of tagging, such as factory big box will have a production date, assembly code can read the production date, but ordinary consumers was unaware of. Secondly, to determine the shelf life of the wholesale Marlboro cigarette is a very complex matter, because in addition to product packaging materials newport cigarettes online affect the shelf life of Marlboro Red cigarette products, the cigarette storage environmental conditions are determinants of shelf life. Marlboro Cigarette Online is a kind where to buy electronic cigarettes of consumer goods, which is very sensitive to the temperature and humidity of the outside world. The storage temperature and humidity are different, so that there is a great difference in the quality of the cigarette. If the temperature and humidity appropriate, cigarettes can be stored for two or three years is not bad. And if the temperature and humidity is too high or too low, the quality of the original cigarette products do not live even a year to maintain, not to become dry, is causing mildew. Discount Marlboro Cigarettes stored or placed in the refrigerator in cold areas, can extend shelf life. Due to the environmental conditions determine the length of the cheap Marlboro cigarette storage shelf life, so no unified label shelf life. Although we can not determine the shelf life of Marlboro cigarettes Free Shipping, but we know that the best quality of cartons of Marlboro cigarettes. After the cigarette factory, the du maurier cigarettes chemical composition of the product itself is still changing. Under suitable conditions of temperature and humidity, product in the storage process will continue to aging, so that the inherent quality rises to the optimal point. After a long period of observation, the best rising period of high-grade tobacco is 4 to 6 months, the best rising period is 2 to 4 months. Over cheapusacigs.com the rise of the peak period, the inherent quality of Marlboro cigarettes on sale will be gradually reduced, there is a reduction of aroma, color dark, the lack of taste. Finally, cigarettes are a kind of fast consumable, rarely appears massive backlog, so the cigarette does not need to be marked shelf-life and „YTDFSGFGCUEYAB“ all cigarettes have already indicated „smoking is harmful to health“, from this perspective, shelf life nor what effect.

In general, shelf life of the buy Marlboro cigarette dispensable, in the world of so many smokers,Marlboro cigarettes sales soon and the number of Duty Free Marlboro cigarettes every production will not excess. So, no one pay attention to the shelf life of cigarettes.

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